Page 1 Exeter Google ranking for Radarhomes!

As mentioned in previous blog posts, our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) engine and our continued work with member agents to get deep links back to is starting to bear fruit as we continue to climb the Google rankings and attract more home hunters to Our latest page 1 Google ranking comes in the form of an Exeter search and can be found here:

Homes for sale in Exeter on Google – time of writing 31/5/2011

In this instance the keywords used were ‘Homes for sale in Exeter’ however, we’re are also strong on other similar Exeter related keywords such as ‘property’, ‘houses’, ‘properties’, ‘flats’, etc. This is great news as we look to get a firm foothold in the Exeter rankings and provide our Exeter members’ properties greater exposure.

View our property for sale in Exeter and our property for rent in Exeter.


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